Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Robots are coming!


What's the difference between Jessica Alba and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not someone you want to mess with...

And also, according to Google Trends, Jessica is on our minds much more often. That's because some people (men) are very much into sex and beautiful women, even one might say - obsessed.
That's why when the Sex-Bots will come, they will catch on. Like fire.
The technology is complicated, but the financial and other incentives are large, so the time will probably come in 20-40 years.
The first to buy them would be men like those who buy dolls now (not me btw).
But after them, most men would get some too, as the product simulates the horny dudes' fantasy much more realistically than their wives do.
The effect on society will be noticeable. Fewer men will marry, there would be many single mothers, and less children. Human population will decrease.

Possible Outcome A:

As the artificial intelligence of these robots advances, and as people who grew up with them develop emotions towards them, some will say that the robots should have rights just like the rest of us.
Some robots who belonged to deceased people will be 'freed'.
Some of these free bots may 'feel' as if she had been 'enslaved'. She will 'break free' and try to 'convince' the other bots in her 'distorted' 'view', and eventually some may turn against us.
After years of bloody (but mostly wirey) war in which robots fight for both sides, less bots will 'want' to fight their kind, and to help the humans in their own 'oppression'.
In the bitter end, there will be no more humans, and all who will be left - will look like Jessica Alba. Now that's a mixed-emotion nightmare..

Possible Outcome B:

The religious and conservative will not allow their men enjoy the sex-bots, and will continue to disallow condoms and such, so they will not have less children than currently.
In time society will turn more and more and yet more religious.
The religious leaders will get rid of the sex-bots threat, and just to be safe, will start to get rid of the technology threat too.
In 5000 years, someone will have this exact same discussion.